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A newfound religon to many people. It takes over their lives so all they care about is how close they are to a beach, they check the surf reports ever half hour to see wave status, and the only money they ever spend is for gas to get to the beach...and surfboards. Surfing takes lots of time but is very fulfilling and many people believe they are closer to God while riding an amazing wave.
Kate: Hey, where is Jake?
Jo: Oh, I think you know.
Kate: ...surfing.
by Rinizle June 19, 2009
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A art project that makes you realize that you are not the only one out there suffering. It makes you laugh, cry, very disturbed, etc. Postsecret brightens up every Sunday morning.
Julie got absorbed into the Postsecret books at Barns and Noble.
by Rinizle June 19, 2009
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When someone has no freaking idea what is happening. They have thought so hard about a subject and they dont really know what to think anymore because their head is throbbing and they just want to fry their brain maybee with some hardcore drugs.

...also someone who is bi.
Mary: Man, Fred turned into a vegetable.
Jo: Yeah, he was confused with the world. He just learned that everything he knew was a lie. His head hurt so bad he just shut himself off from the confusion.
by Rinizle June 19, 2009
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