A flavor you can see
It’s the taste you can see : Guy Fieri hair looks like heaven and taste like heaven
by Guy Cosby April 6, 2020
To be truly able to visualize or understand a topic about anything in particular. To actually see what it is that is going on. To be so excited about what is happening around you and you need to find out if someone else can see it to.
Jeremy notices puppy's playing on the television, he asks Aleshia "can you see?"

Jeremy is wearing a new shirt, he asks his girlfriend, "can you see?"

Out of sheer joy for the day ahead of him, Jeremy runs around the house screaming in a childs voice, "CAN YOU SEE!!?
by TheTrooper77 March 18, 2010
a phrase used in the movie "Minority Report" by the precog, Agatha. She says this occasionally, and all you can think is, "Dude, whats up with her?"
by El_Scorcho September 5, 2003
To wiggle one's fingers behind an individual's head who's eyes protrude farther than normal, assuming excellent peripheral vision. The words, "Can you see me now?" Should be spoken while performing this act.
*wiggle fingers behind and to the side of victim* "Hey Josh, can you see me now?"
by Random Guy July 24, 2004
By the dawns early light something something i cant remember this!
person 1 "hey wanna sing our amazing patriotic-all-american-music-that-says-god-bless-america?"
Person 2 "HELL NAW!"
Person 1 "why?"
Person 1 "fine then ill sing by my self. Oh say can you see -"
by user6543 August 8, 2022
Monkweh's favourite word to summon sacrificial lamb, when you use it random guy will shout "Suck your mom!"
Monkweh: "As you can see my wife is fighting with this Godzilla"
Wife: "Suck your mom!"
by Boringquarantine September 8, 2022