3 definitions by mahmood.Kia

to say a poem, piece of literature etc that you have learned, for people to listen to
I've been reciting poetry since i was three years old
recite means to say a poem
by mahmood.Kia November 03, 2013
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the gap between both eyebrow
just watch the picture then you find out what is the meaning of glabella
by mahmood.Kia February 19, 2014
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1- to say that you are annoyed, not satisfied, or unhappy about something or someone
2-used to say that a situation is satisfactory, even though there may be a few problems
3-to express
1-Residents are complaining because traffic in the area has increased.
2-I make a good living. I can't complain.
3-Dr M.K complains "we don't have any light reading"
by mahmood.Kia December 06, 2013
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