3 definitions by Parissa

freshmen that blow senior guys to have any relation with the upperclassman
"All the sexual freshmen keep taking over our spot."
by Parissa September 26, 2006
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the typical myspace whore embellishes their pictures, posts needless bulletins, constantly comment/"whores" other people's sites, establishes an identity via myspace
"Are you Blair from myspace?"
"Yes, how do you know me?"
"You're hella a myspace whore!"
by Parissa October 2, 2006
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a complainer is someone who excessively complains yet is well aware of it. they loudly notice/complain about what everyone else secretly complains about. they merely speak for the multitude.
A: "You're such a complainer."
B: "Be glad."
by Parissa October 2, 2006
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