A sexually attractive.. you want to play with his fire ;)
matt is so fucking damn combustible i just wanna ignite his fire
by Me August 19, 2003
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Adj. A word meaning that shit is ill, hot, off the hook. Mostly used in refrence to that in according to something or someone that is about to explode in a possitive way.
That phat ass track is combustible!

The ass on that girl makes me want to combust all over her and her mom.
by DjDocNasty aka Battle Axe August 7, 2008
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Adjective to describe a very hot guy.
A combustible hottie bought my homegirl Ricki a drink.
by Snorkely B August 13, 2003
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To get turned on or about to feel a certain emotion.
Maria: Jimin looks so hot I’m about to combust!
Anne: dang me too
by Mariethemaria May 30, 2019
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synonymous with combustion, just a lot more enthusiastic. Invented by Julius Sumner Miller during a physics demonstration in 1969.
I don't like combustion. It's too quiet. I have some stuff in a state of combustication.
-Julius Sumner Miller
by nsyygre June 7, 2010
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Combustion is a better, more accurate term for lit. Or alternatively that which is lit, cool or awesome.
“Your outfit is combustion
by Annajaye November 13, 2022
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when you fart burp and cough then experience excruciating pain then explode and die
the reaction of looking at new Louis Tomlinsons pics

by lukes girlfriend November 21, 2013
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