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A beautiful gorgeous man. He needs to stop saying bad things about himself. He is not fat. His eye smile is so sksndkmd. His high notes are on point! Has cute tiny hands. Claims that whatever award Bangtan wins is army's award. (He's also hot asf)
Jimin is perfect just the way he is.
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by pxrdon June 01, 2017
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a beautiful soul with holy chocolate biceps and abs and beautiful everything. he is a member from the korean group BTS, and the other members are blessed as well. jimin is a specimen that had a glo up since debut, born on October 13, 1995. he is the third youngest of the group. He can be cute, sexy, mysterious, and funny. he is everything
Jimin is the shortest member of the group BTS.
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by eyesareblessedfrombts November 19, 2016
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Jimin is the cause of thoughts of as intense or unbridled desire. You will become a slave to him. He will consume every thought, vibe and love in your existence and replace it with himself. Once you experience Jimin, there's no way of escaping his unconditional sphere of desire. You will very quickly be led into an everlasting whirlpool of anguish when you realise, you gave up everything you ever wanted for Park Jimin; despite knowing he'll never be yours.

You will spend everyday of your life hoping and praying he is happy and healthy. You will dream about the odds of ever having a chance to meet him, and be distraught by how low they are.

But don't be afraid. He is your paradise. Just know he will take over you.
"I cried for 4 hours last night because I love Jimin so much and I don't know what to do with myself!"
"I hope Jimin is happy and smiling and being adorable today."
"Why can't I stop thinking about Jimin everyday?"
by JiminForPreisdent2020 January 18, 2018
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Jimin? Of the thousands of Jimins currently living in South Korea, I'm talking about THE Jimin.. of BTS, of course! Jimin, whose full name is Jimin Park, is the leading dancer of BTS along with J-Hope(Hopeworld) and Junggook(Kookie). Born on October 13th, 1995, this guy has been stealing countless A.R.M.Ys' hearts with his cresent-shaped eye smile, sweet mocking mouth, and heavenpleasehelpmeomg dance moves. But.. yes, does need to work more on writing lyrics.(Note that Suga reprimanded him writing childish rhymes instead of lyrics)
RM(Rap Monster): Jimin, you have no jams.
Jimin: (Sulks but acts like he doesn't care)
by jimininmypocket June 01, 2015
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Everyones bias wrecker. Will shit on everything you've ever loved. The bane of every international ARMYs EXISTENCE. Will fuck you without even touching you. The reason I cry at night. Member of the God forsaken group BTS.
Normal Army: I'm a Yoongi stan but Jimin is like... High key hot.

by Bangtangbooty69 November 01, 2016
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A beautiful specimen with gorgeous abs and biceps. Considered the least good looking of the amazingly talented South Korean hip-hop group BTS, his hilarious yet adorable personality makes him gorgeous. If he is considered not good looking, everyone should pack their bags and move to South Korea immediately.
by BinguMarmar August 18, 2014
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