Sumner's are grangorgeous girls who frolic with gnomes in magical rain-forests in the mountains of Saskatchewan and devour the souls of oompa loompas. She has the ability to turn anything she touches into instant pixie dust; which when snorted makes you shrink 1.337 inches exactly. Sumner's also carry a scent of Uberpixel, which is concocted from Smurf toes, Muppet fuzz, and leftover Lamb Chop hand puppets which when combined smell like Jesus with a hint of chocolate.
"I was on 'The Price Is Right' last week but Drew Carey threw me off stage when I accidentally quoted a Sumner for $50,000,000.. when the correct amount was priceless."
by SoLo13188 February 8, 2010
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A small, but groing, suburban town in southern/mid-southern Washinton State...USA
I was in Sumner last weekend... It kinda sucked!
by Grrawrizzilla June 12, 2008
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Sumners a girl who's sporty and sweet. She is loved by everyone around her and all of the boys want her. She doesn't need to make milkshakes for the boys to come to her yard. She had long legs. Usually she has brown hair and colourful green eyes. She's not super tan but she has freckles. She's beautiful, averagely smart and great in bed.

Boy 1: "we all love Sumner"
Boy 2: "yeah I want to make love with her"

Boy 3: "she's so hot!!!!"
Wow Sumner is soo sexy!
by Windowcurtain June 27, 2014
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Wonderful people who are excellent and guitar and making toast.
‘’I love the surname sumner.’
by Giraffe3838384939 November 1, 2017
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Isn’t that how your hypergamy is supposed to work? She did what women do. How is that not exactly how hypergamy works?
Hym “Right but I thought she was supposed to be able to choose whoever she wants? Are you saying that women shouldn’t choose certain men in certain contexts and that if they do they should be ‘held accountable’ socially and publicly instead of defended? Nooo. That can’t possibly be the case. Oh! She should be sorry!? Sorry for fucking someone consensually. You can criticize the fact that this Sumner chick decided to put him publicly but... we all would have heard about it either way right? Like, if she did what you wanted, and she went to the wife (privately), we all would have found out about it. Right? Adam Levine cheats on his wife with an instagram model and now they’re getting divorced. We would have found out about it either way. The headlines are the same either way. The outcome is the same either way. So it isn’t ‘how she (fucking) went about it.’ It’s the retard fucking behind the back of their people who would take issue with it that is the ‘wrong’ part. If ANY celebrity gets divorced or cheats on their wives we’re all going to hear about it. It’s free content. Sponge it up. Without remorse. You’re the good ones and anyone who doesn’t do what you want is evil. Because that’s how morality works.”
by Hym Iam September 27, 2022
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A Sumner is a fake bitch that uses her sexuality to attract desperate men despite being unattractive. She has lots of friends but none of them really like her, as well as a string of boyfriends who use her to get girls they really like. Summers have a terrible sense of style but have an overly confident exterior and crave attention. They insult others to mask insecurities they may have, and fish for compliments often. They are often two-faced and will do anything to get people to like them. Sumners are often plain looking with a few extremely obvious unattractive qualities, including their personality.
Boy 1: I just started dating Sumner, I'm definitely gonna get some soon
Boy 2: You're nasty, even you could do better than that
by bitchier_thaniseem January 24, 2015
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v. to get utterly and completely OWNED, usually as a result of physical violence.
This term comes from the notorious public beating of Senator Charles Sumner by his fellow Preston Brooks due to his disparaging comments about the south.
(Note: Sumnered is always spelled with a capital "S".)
Wow, Jack Bauer totally Sumnered those terrorist for trying to kill David Palmer.
by A Helpful Troy Student November 20, 2008
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