Someone tough beyond belief. Usually comparable to Chuck Norris or Mr.T
Carl: God Adam, im getting so tired of that Miller over there, he just keeps getting so tough.
Adam: I know, I just wanna fight him.
by Just....No January 27, 2010
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A friendly person who always puts you in a good mood and always knows just what your thinking. Miller is someone to laugh or cry with. He'll give you a hug for any occasion. Miller just wants to have fun and feel good in life. He's wonderful.
I hung out with Miller today and we read each other's mind. We were crackin' our shit all up!
by lance5x2t September 25, 2010
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A really cute blonde with a great sense of humor. She usually hangs out with guys, and is super chill. She's generally sporty, athletic, and fun! She likes to read, and Millers are usually a genius.
Have you seen that girl? She's so smart and athletic - she must be a Miller!
by Jimmy the Whale February 6, 2015
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A Miller is street smart AND book smart, clever, compassionate, intelligent and very social. But sometimes 'overthinks' things or is so focused on the day in which he's living that he doesn't always plan for the future.

One who is caring by nature & works so hard to take care of other's needs, but has so much going on that they rarely have time for themself. But when they do, they go All-Out and don't stop until fully 'transformed'!

Like a phoenix rises from the ashes, so does he overcome anything holding him back!

..this usually happens in cycles of partying or living life to the fullest, then falling back to regroup. It might seem to some as if he just vanished off the face of the earth, then suddenly 'reappears' back into social circles, larger than life, more improved & even better than B4!
Person 1: Hey is Miller out of rehab yet? I miss the parties he used to throw.

Person 2: That's old news, he got out months ago.. last I heard, he won the lottery & moved to CALI.

Person 1: Cool. I need to get his number!
by BeLikeMe February 24, 2012
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A Miller is someone who thinks they get all the ladies but can only get one.

You'll often find a Miller watching shit football teams and having unprotected sex.
"Aw man my shit football team lost and I impregnated my girlfriend"
"Ah c'mon bro don't be such a Miller"
by SexuallyAttractiveLol May 17, 2021
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A hands-down good guy, excellent at basketball, and hot af. Get yourself a miller!
Guy: Miller stole my girlfriend

Guy 2: Ha! he stole mine last week
by Harry Akehurst June 8, 2021
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He is so Miller!
by jaylertoned54 January 8, 2012
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