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Well.. I'm Julius and I don't know if there are any other Julius out here so I will try and define us as intricately as possible.. ok.. here we go.. WE ARE THE BEST AT EVERYTHING WE DO! NO MATTER HOW HARD SOMEONE TRIES TO STOP US.. WE STILL GET THE JOB DONE. THE END.
There goes julius again.. *sigh*.
by Quinci Vines August 15, 2014
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Julius is an amazing guy he will start out as a jerk then he will love you.
There eyes are so cute and you will really want then in your life but if he say he love you he love you
look at that fine Julius 😘😘😘
by jujuhhh December 21, 2017
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A Julius is a special kind of person. They can cheer you up no matter what! They know when you need a cuddle or when to goof around and be a clown, they will do whatever it takes to get a smile on your face. They come across really confident and popular yet are secretly quite insecure. But they don't need to be, because they are simply one of the best kind of people in the world. They are genuine and kind and also rather quite handsome.
You are so special to me, you are almost as special as Julius, but not quite! HAH
by SecretIdentity#2 November 19, 2011
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The boy's name Julius \j(u)-lius\ is of Greek origin, and its meaning is "Jove's child". Julius has 5 variant forms: Giulio, Jolyon, Jule, Jules and Julio. Anyone with this name will be the best guy you will ever meet. He would have it all; looks, personality, charm and wit. Always loving life, whether it be dancing the night away or spending a quiet night at home. He is truly someone who makes this world a better place.
He's a total julius.
That's so julius.
by Tasarini February 03, 2010
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Sexy ass motherfucker,with a big ass dick,he fucks all the ladies and loves to eat ass and Tittie fuck white hoes
I wish my boyfriend had a fat cock like Julius
by Hi my name is Jeffery November 22, 2016
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