a very attractive man; great personality and usually gets along well with everyone; commonly desired by the opposite sex and has a big dick
a male that you have met with the name of colt
by big dick chainy September 11, 2007
Colt commonly reffers to a Colt-made gun (Such as a m1911a1 .45) or a young horse.
Smoked teh fool with teh Colt .45!
by Comis March 29, 2003
A smooth skinned, good looking, strongly built male who has no flaws. He is always smooth with the ladies and is greatly endowed. This person usually has a love affair with Bret Michaels and is named Benton.
"Look at Benton, he is real sexy, he must be Colt!"
by John kaminski December 17, 2007
(n.) An excellent tool of persuasion. Best known in python & .45 form.
He didn't want to tell me where she was until he got a better look at the canon hanging from my belt.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 9, 2004
Small cigar that tastes good when smoked.
Clint Eastwood is teh awesome, because he smokes colts instead of wimpy ciggies.
by mcnbns November 14, 2004
a lame person, who is just plain boring.
person A "did you meet the new kid?"
person B "yeah. he's a real colt."
by notlame0423 January 2, 2017
girl i knew last summer. she was hotttt.
colt would only hook up with me when she was drunk.
by kyle April 15, 2005