girl i knew last summer. she was hotttt.
colt would only hook up with me when she was drunk.
by kyle April 14, 2005
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colts is a nickname for a kid who is extremely sus(pect) kid. He sticks his cock in anything with a hole and grabs anything longer than a sweet tart. He tends to be a multi-sport athlete and is an absolute tryhard in academics. He will even pet his own teachers cock(erspaniel) to get an A. This nickname in no way, shape, or form represents any professional sports team. If you ever play Fortnite with a colts, they will rage on their every death and will blame you for every little thing, but at the end of the day, they will carry you because of how sweaty he is. A colts must buy about 3 controllers a month because their sweat breaks their controllers.
*colts checks end of year grades*
teacher (known as dr. p)" colts you end with a 89.49"
colts " their is no way, i will do anything, can i help you with anything? *wink wink*
by ttv_btw April 12, 2019
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A very sweet gay guy that is super tall and has snatched, gay person hair. Will bang your new ear piercing and make it bleed when he goes to hug you. Loves chai lattes and will make you laugh so hard! Everyone loves colt and he should move back home.
Girl: β€œHe’s too gay to function” (mean girls reference)
Other girl: β€œoh yeah, that’s colt”
by EggyJeggy August 04, 2019
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