(n.) An excellent tool of persuasion. Best known in python & .45 form.
He didn't want to tell me where she was until he got a better look at the canon hanging from my belt.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 09, 2004
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Small cigar that tastes good when smoked.
Clint Eastwood is teh awesome, because he smokes colts instead of wimpy ciggies.
by mcnbns November 13, 2004
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Wicked gun brand that manufacture revolvers like the Python and the Diamondback, and also make the M16 assault rifle.
Dude, shoot that biatch with your Colt Diamondback.
by Rohan November 16, 2003
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Colt is a word spawned from a Man named Colt Melvin Lewis. Known by his friends as Colstradamus because of his knowledge of all things obvious, and ability to do extremely gnarly things without consequence. The term Colt can replace any other word one can think of to enhance conversation, or just explain a situation.
Colt those Colting Colts, i'm Colting the Colt out of here, Colt!
Screw those Fucking guys, i'm getting the hell out of here, Peace!
by JamesPatrick September 15, 2010
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A guy who is nice and funny and is there when you need him. Overall a really good friend. He has green eyes, brown hair and is tall. He Needs help bc I think he is an actual crackhead sometimes. But he is a really good friend who is a keeper.
Guy1: bro who that guy u been talking to he seems nice

Guy2: Yep he’s a colt
by Annnaaaaa November 29, 2019
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