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when you are hitting it doogie style, instead of going in the cutter, you shove it in her butt and when she turns around with a suprised expression on her face, you say, "oops"
by kyle March 15, 2005
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<n.> Respect and deference to which one feels entitled by virtue of status, age, or importance in the community.
"I'm sick of these damned politicians taking our votes for granted, without giving us our propers. They dis us."
by kyle February 21, 2004
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whoa kyle smokes TONS of cigs dued!
by kyle April 18, 2003
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Some faggot that thinks he knows all, and probably goes home and licks cum off a man's dick.
by kyle August 25, 2004
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Fucking a girl while she's on top with a bag on her head.
I had to give these beat girl the ol' headless horseman cuz she was a butterface.
by kyle June 15, 2004
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One of the most boring cities. Lousy weather, no sports (except for an NBA team), no amusement parks, no nothing. It's hick.
Born and raised in Portland. I'm moving to Los Angeles
by kyle January 28, 2005
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A male who is very smart and sexy.
He is such a Leon Atkins!
by kyle April 6, 2003
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