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415 definitions by kyle

to perform very well in some forum, video games in particular
Man, last round, you were tearing it up, you were doing so well
by kyle February 10, 2005
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Sedating someone and then burying them alive in a casket about 6 feet under.
See "Kill Bill Vol. 2" for a perfect example.
by kyle September 7, 2004
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For some reason, EA kids tend to think very highly of themselves, despite the fact that schools like Haverford, Agnes Irwin, Baldwin and Shipley are ALL better than them at basically EVERYTHING. They did not make the popped collar popped, they are not cool, they are not wealthier. Face it, they are all gay ass new money losers like Hart from that MTV bull shit show.
"that kid's a loser"
"oh that's hart from tv and his EA friends, he must have bought them all their clothes to hang out with him"
by kyle March 22, 2005
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the opposite of J-walking. when when you crawl across the street without looking.
lurch had to L-walk across the street because he lost his mo-jo..
by kyle May 17, 2006
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v.-- to intimidate without rationale
Sally was mad cowed by some pigs for no reasons at all.
by kyle January 15, 2004
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