a punch to someones groin area
Bill drank Tom's last beer, so Tom gave him a cockpunch
by richard taylor April 25, 2003
A closed fist hitting of the male genitalia, meant to evoke surprise and/or pain.
Dave Haldane was not prepared for the extreme cockpunching he would receive for not giving Rachel a part in school's production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
by Johnny Hops May 5, 2005
The name of a hardcore band, and the action of punching somebody in the dick.
puncher: hey dude, guess what?
victim: what the fuck do you want, puncher?
puncher: alright I want you to look up real quick
victim: okay
puncher: COCKPUNCH! hahahahaha bitch!
by xphilcf297x July 14, 2009
A blow struck by a penis (typically in the face), usually in connection to the act of fellatio.
Last night when Debbie was about to suck me, she missed, and got cockpunched instead and ended up with a fat lip.
by Figleaf23 June 17, 2007
A punch in the groinal area, not to be mistaken for a beverage, especially not chicken soup.
When asked if he needed a good cockpunch, President Bush replied, "No thanks, I'm not thirsty right now."
by Downtown Red August 2, 2004
A punch which is administered in or around someone's genital region, groin area or crotch, et cetera, et cetera.
Reporter: "Jimmy, HOW do you feel about 'My Five Uncles', the show which has replaced your old one, 'Just The Five Of Us'?"

Jimmy: "What do you think, dumbass!? That show sucks my ass!"

Reporter: OK, moving on, how would you reply to the accusations that you were cancelled from your role because you still look 12 years old?"

Jimmy: "HOW many times have I got to say this!? I'm NOT a kid, I'm 51! Take this, you liberal-media-bastard! I'm gonna cockpunch you!"
by Ross March 15, 2005
Occasionally an irreverent imaginary drink, largely signifying online congeniality.
"Cock punch sounds like something you'd drink at an orgy." - Sidedish, at monkeyfilter.com

"Standing a glass o' cockpunch to all your incarnations." - beeswacky, at monkeyfilter.com
by j December 3, 2004