Nah man it's completely chicken soup.
by john February 26, 2004
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The finest marijuana, usually the better Kush is known as chicken soup in Toronto and its suburbs.
"my buddy was greening out after smoking 5 g's of chicken soup
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spidergirl-ing in a girl's mouth and then making her give you a blowjob
i gotta nice serving of chicken soup last night
by spidermanherass December 13, 2010
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When preparing for surgery or colonoscopy, the final product left in the toilet in the process of clearing the bowels; a yellowish broth-like and liquid bowel movement.
The doctor asked the nature of my last bowel movement prior to the procedure; I told her I had chicken soup.
by Gojai August 23, 2017
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Is when you bring, or are brought, chicken soup when you, or both parties, are sick. Only to completely fuck each other's brains out. Rarely, if ever, does anyone actually eat said soup.
Friend 1 - "Hey man I heard you were sick so I had my sister bring you some chicken soup. Did you like it?"

Friend 2 - "Oh! Yeah bro, it was absolutely fucking amazing! Best chicken soup party ever. I ate her all night!"

Friend 1 - "What? Her?!"

Friend 2 - "What!? Nothing! 'it' I said it. I ate 'it' all night... I gotta go"
by Shag Hammer November 25, 2010
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Everyone shouts this when two people are about to fight! First heard in Gateshead schools in the North East in the 90s
Look Tom and Jerry are about to fight! Everyone crowds around shouting “Barney Chicken Soup!” Repeating until the first punch is made.
by Rochaz78 October 7, 2021
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