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James Gilbey's pet name for Diana, Princess of Wales.
In a surrepticiously recorded phone conversation between the pair on New Year's Eve of 1989, Gilbey called Di "Darling" 53 times and "Squidgy" 14.
by Figleaf23 August 20, 2007
The stage of life at which, no longer nice and open-minded and not yet kind and wise, a human female believes she is prettier and smarter than she really is and deserves more than she's got, and is at her most intolerable. A woman's late twenties are often marked by the beginning or ending of an unwise marriage and a tendency to inflict maximum harm on all around her.
Man: I hear you're seeing someone. How old is she?
Boy: Yes, she's twenty-eight.
Man: Late twenties! You poor SOB. Just remember, whatever happens, it's not your fault.
by Figleaf23 August 5, 2007
Sterling silver, 92.5% pure.
Sterling silver will often bear a stamp saying 925 silver.
by Figleaf23 November 27, 2009
a parable combined with a riddle, most commonly associated with the teaching of Zen buddhism. A koan confronts the student with a seemingly impenetrable question which is only resolved when through acheiving a deeper understanding of the philosophical point being taught.
One of the most famous koans is "What is the sound of one hand clapping?"
by Figleaf23 August 5, 2007
the totally non-violent erotic art of tonguing a girl's clit while you have your thumb in one of her holes and your middle finger in the other.
Chicks absolutely love getting the Rite of Shiva.
by Figleaf23 August 14, 2007
the sound caused when Marvel Comics' superhero Wolverine retracts his metal claws.

Compare: snikt
If you're in a confrontation with Wolverine, you're in trouble if you hear 'snikt', but you're probably okay if you hear 'snakt'.
by Figleaf23 September 20, 2007
The type of plane flown by the X-Men superhero team in Marvel Comics.
Professor X: "I obtained our SR-71 Blackbird when our transportation needs began to exceed our existing capabilities."
Wolverine: "Obtained it how?"
by Figleaf23 October 18, 2007