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A popular haunt for (cockmasters). Possibly the greatest nightclub on planet Earth. Whether it be vodka on a Thursday or jelly baby on a Saturday, there's no place like Evo.
"Me and my fellow cockmasters are going to evolution tonight to get some pussy"
by Ross October 24, 2004
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To slap a person with the penis across the face, see ex.
"Aw man, what should we do to wake him up?
by Ross February 4, 2004
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Written at the end of wherever you write yours and the love of your life's names
*-*tlnd*-*Ross Luv'z Gemma 4eternity*-*tlnd*-*
by Ross October 22, 2004
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a wannabe tough guy. Only found in the movies, a brave black person. Is all talk and cant back up anything.
that balck kid talking on his cellphone in the movie theater was such a shaft.
by Ross July 28, 2004
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Shortened version of "respect." Can be used to say something is cool, or as a general agreement.
"I just shagged your mum."
"'Spect, dude. Well done, she's well frigid."

"Are you coming to the pub?"
"'Spect to that" (Yes I am)
by Ross October 14, 2003
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weed, baccy, skins and card.
i smoke the spliff
by Ross February 1, 2004
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A person, normally a child who was raised by his/her guardians in a way that the spoiled person gets almost anything he/she wants.
Jamie: Mommy! I want a Buzztoy.
Mommy: But I just bought you a toy!
Jamie: I want a Buzztoy.
Mommy: I already told you, I just...
Jamie: *cries*
Mommy: All right! Fine! Just stop crying
Jamie: *stops crying*
by Ross August 6, 2003
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