93 definitions by Ross

when you wake up with a hard on
see also monopoly and stiffy
i rolled off the bed and onto my mornin wood
by Ross March 5, 2004
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"Jose, I'm so nervious about your brain condition, I think you'll have to go under the knife."
by Ross March 29, 2005
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a beam formed from positive or negative charged ions, sometimes found in sci-fi movies

"We got hit by an ion beam!!"
by Ross October 3, 2004
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Palpitate: The action of thrusting one's weiner inside a warm, wet poooosy!
Yonke bent the intern against his cube and palpitated her for an hour.

Yonke sure knows how to Palp....just ask Prod!
by Ross February 9, 2005
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any time in a males life when they get a hard on in public, sometimes happens as mornin wood, but anytime when it is unexpected
see also stiffy
Man I woke up this morning with a raging monopoly.
by Ross March 5, 2004
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i dunno what causes morning wood
by Ross March 5, 2004
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recieving a blowjob while taking a shit.
I got a chumbley before class.
by Ross October 8, 2003
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