An insult inferring that the reciever is a walking joke, including their actions, habits, appearance, and ultimitly, their existance.
You have no room to talk, clownshoes.

I ran into this guy who was the biggest pair of clownshoes I've ever seen.

"So you had sex with a girl named Clownface? What does that make you, Clownshoes?"
-Tucker Max from his Maxim Radio show.
by Jailhouse August 23, 2006
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adj. - seeming ridiculous, completely out of place or proportion; utterly impractical
The ending to that movie was completely clownshoes, and made absolutely no sense in the context of the rest of the movie.
by cheesecake227 January 01, 2006
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1.) One who tries too hard to gain the social acceptance of others.

2.) One who has made a terrible mistake.

also see tool
guy 1: "Hey guys, you guys hanging out? Can I hang out? We can go to the movies or to see a band play or to the mall or..."
guy 2: "Fuck off clownshoes."

guy 1: "Sorry for losing our winning lottery ticket."
guy 2: "Fuck off clownshoes."
by u-e March 31, 2005
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1) A hopeless loser. An awkward, unattractive, and otherwise inept individual. Also known as a powertool.

2) A nickname for someone with the initials "C" and "S."
1) Way to miss the game-winning shot, clownshoes.

2) Hey ClownShoes, what's up?
by Whohah April 25, 2003
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My mate: 'Did you see "Da Ali G Show" last night mate?'
Me: 'Nah mate. Its fucking Clown Shoes"
by Leemondo McDizzle November 03, 2003
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Adjective describing unfair corporate or government decisions/policies.
These subway prices are clownshoes.

That's clownshoes they made you pay that parking fine.
by Tim September 08, 2003
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a noun that is rather dumb, stupid and/or goofy. also somthing big, red and size 34.
that nigga is straight clown shoes.

rob - lets go drink a 40 of O.E.

Jake - fuck O.E., that shits straight clownshoes.

rob - c'mon dude.

Jake - I'm lookin at somthin big, red and size 34
by 518 Lake Boys BLC January 21, 2006
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