A goofy is a silly ass mothafucker who kinda wacky but they chill
“You a fuckin goofy bro
by Rosee0326 August 2, 2018
Drug dealer slang for an ignorant customer. They are uneducated on quality, what the correct amount should look like, prices, etc., and are easily tricked into agreeing to whatever the dealer tells them. A goofy that keeps coming back for more is a dealer's wet dream.
"Bruh that last guy I sold to was a straight up goofy, dude just spent $40 on half a G of mids!"
by reb_mccuster September 24, 2014
A skateboarding stance, where you stand with your right foot at the front and put with you left foot and set it on the back of the board.
by sheckyfan January 26, 2005
Masturbating with your non-dominant hand.
That crazy mofo polishes goofy style.
by cheechoo May 13, 2008
damn, i'm gettin pretty goofy off this chronic.
by Jayizzle12345 September 18, 2009