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cloping is a word used by bronies and/or pegasisters when refered to masturbation with my little pony friendship is magic erotic pictures of the show main cast and backgroung ponies(ex.derpy hooves,lyra,bon bon).
Caled clop due to the sound of the ponies when hit with their hooves on the ground or other part of the body.
Cloping originates with the word Faping,being faping the sound that a human makes when masturbates,and clop the sound of the pony if it would masturbate.
im okay with cloping to ponies

i clop to ponies

you fap to humans,i clop to ponies.

"male 1"-you clop to ponies dude ?
"male2"-yes,whats the problem ?
"male1-dude thats disgusting,how can masturbate to characters of a little girls show ?
"male2"-well how can you fap to hentai,its way more disgusting then cloping to ponies,besides its my own business if i find characters from a tv show sexualy atractive,even if the show is aimed to little girls,the characters are not kids,are fully grown adult characters.
by sir sergio March 15, 2012
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