Seth is Seth.
by RoseCandy904 March 21, 2021
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That one dude you always see at wendys who says he's in a good mood but is actually high.
This guy I saw the other day was a total seth.
by Nutrag2.0 November 8, 2017
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A handsome God with a penis to rival the size of the empire state building. No mortal can handle the extent of his lengthy wood. He is the being that all others strive to be like, but his aura of raw sexual power can not be achieved by mere humans.
Holy shit I just saw a Seth; I think I cummed a little.
by Bigdaddy728 January 5, 2019
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This super suave chappy who will have you drooling at hello. A Seth is a handsome, intelligent, witty, guy with snuggles that will make you feel as though you're the luckiest girl on the planet - which indeed you are if you have the fortune of being snuggled by a Seth! This cheeky chap will have beguiled you with his cute boyish charm before you can say wahoo. If you have a Seth, treat him as your king as he is the most hilarious, caring, selfless being alive on this planet today, and every moment with this ray of sunshine should be cherished. If you have lost a Seth, miss him with all your heart because he is a once in a lifetime. But remember his carefree laugh and billion dollar smile, and the way his eyes crinkle and light up when he does, and you'll fall in love again and again. Yep Seths steal your heart for good
I'm head over heels in love with a Seth who got away...

Do you know where I could find a store which sells Seth's laugh in a jar?
by 2sparkly4u November 3, 2014
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Seth is a keeper. He can be silly, sarcastic, and sometimes a little rude. But once you get to know Seth personally, you'll start to see that he has a heart after all. He likes to hang out with his friends and he likes to be childish, but he can be very serious sometimes.

Seth is not a super big fan of hugs and he's that akward kid that doesn't care what people think about him but once you get to know him a little more, he will open up to you. if you're patient and aren't too annoying, you could have a really good relationship with him. He's a special human being and he is fragile. Teach him how to be a teddy bear and everyone will be very happy. He can be very sensitive but not all of the time.
Seth is such a great person but he is very stubborn.
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This is the name of a hard working person who is very noble. He can do anything he puts his mind to. He makes the people around him very happy, he doesn’t have to do much though, all he has to do is smile. He is amazing, he will do anything to make those he cares about happy. He is also extremely good looking. He is literally the hottest person you’ll meet. When you’re around him you’ll feel like nothing else really matters, like being there with him and enjoying those moments is what makes you happy. He is the kindest, most loving person one can have in their life.
You wish you could be Seth”
by luckiest girl alive March 21, 2018
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A seth is thicker than a mf snicker like ahhh and if you ever get to be with a seth you’re the luckiest person on earth he’ll make you very happy he’s also adorable and so so sweet
“Wait have you seen Seth’s ass he’s THICCCC

“Yeah and he treats his girl friend like soooo well”
by Hehe nibba May 5, 2019
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