Brony 1: Dude, I just caught George clopping to Fluttershy!
Brony 2: Fluttershy?! Man, that's just wrong!
by DrWhoof April 27, 2011
when your dick/ballsack makes a clapping noise on your thigh that only you can hear, unless you ask everyone to be quite and make a humping motion rapidily to generate the clopping noise. Note:This can only be achieve if your wearing loose boxers.
Teamate 1.< Man on our run this morning you were clopping like a bitch.
Teamate 2.< I know all my briefs were in the laundry so I only had boxers so it was like a moonbounce down there.
by Andrew R.C. August 21, 2007
An ineffective police officer; one whose tight uniform and/or noisy shoes make him blow his cover when he attempts to nab a perp.
Sergeant Giannini is really going to kick butt when he hears that that clop MacInnis couldn't catch that serial killer!
by pentozali December 1, 2005
A religious slur used to describe Amish individuals. This description stems from the rhythmic "clopping" noise of the Amish horses pulling the wagon or "buggy" that these folks travel in.
We been spendin' most our lives, living in a Clop paradise.
by vanilla bob September 1, 2006 fuck or to be fucked as in getting screwed or having sex
i love to clop all the cloppin dunchy cunts that dont smell like keck
by leondaman August 21, 2008
Car Load Of Pussy
(any vehicle loaded with girls)
Slow down Tom, you just passed a CLOP in the other lane
by JSmith February 7, 2005