48, 48ing, 48ed, also known in full as the "48 Degree Experience" is when two platonic friends decide to do a naked trail run together. 48 is the ideal temperature for such a run to take place and a comfortable ambiance for clothes to come off in. 48ing is notorious for resulting in these friends "taking things to the next level". In fact, it is said that although these friends are running, an equal amount of baseball is played that night. ;)
John: Dude, Stacy and I 48ed last night!
Steve: Nice, 48 leads to 69!
by wingedwolf July 16, 2012
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it means somebody is the backdoor or they a snake
by kartier November 29, 2022
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48 is when you're a clown, you're doing something stupid or similiar.
It's originated from a popular culture story in which a student who was supposed to pass the exam didn't and took 48. From that moment on, 48 is associated with a clown move.
by kami_yama February 21, 2022
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Anal sex.

See the part of the number “4” that protrudes to the right? That’s the penis and it’s about to penetrate the cleavage of number “8,” which is the ass. Buttfucking.

48 could also reasonably represent fucking your girl’s tittie cleavage.
My girlfriend likes it when I 48 her.”
by Goofnut October 17, 2021
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A 48, or forty-eight is a type of freight train car that usually holds the same containers you would see an 18 wheeler pulling?minus the wheels of course. The forty eight looks like a gondola and sometimes has the numbers 48 painted on the side of the car. Besides railroad workers?train hoppers and graffiti artists are probably the only people that would know or care what a "48" was.
"That freight was carrying nothing but 48s with containers stacked double high."

"He tagged up that empty 48"

"I only ride 48s"
by Beau Coulon January 7, 2008
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If someone posts this on their story, it means that they are single. It's something the girls started and the boys aren't supposed to know. But you're welcome boys.
Girl's story*: 48
Boy: Wtf does 48 mean
Girl: lol.
by Ur fave swallower January 20, 2022
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FOB Fesh off the Boat. 48 also stands for the FOB gang.

if you see a person with the number 48 on their jersey or something that means that they are proud to be a FOB and you dont wanna mess with them.
by south side killa May 30, 2006
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