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Faping is a combination of raping and fapping. It is when you don't particularly want to have sex, but your hand (or sex toy) goes roaming without your will. Most often, this will happen in your sleep. Many a poor soul had woken up to find their hand faping them.
"Shauna's hand is a dirty fapist, she's always waking up to find it faping her"
by randomcavy May 02, 2010
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Fapping and Vaping. If you use this term you are more than likely a Blake Vapes fan.
Blake Vapes Fan: Bro I just had the sickest fape sesh in the bathroom man!
Normal Person: What?
Blake Vapes Fan: Never heard of faping? It's like heaven in a chili cheese sandwich broham.
Normal Person: Get the fuck away from me.
by Super Duper S-Man March 14, 2017
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Blowing sick clouds from your vape while jerking your dick
Kris: Sorry I couldn't do the presentation last night, I was too busy faping.
Tanner: dont sweat it.
by Tee13one April 26, 2017
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