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7 definitions by dolphin_mother

when you are walking in a parking lot with a coca cola slurpee from 7/11 and you drop it and it spills and you slip on it.

bonus slutter if you were also holding a friends slurpee and you drop that as well

super slutter if you slip in 7/11's parking lot
rebecca: dude are you alright
jimmy: yeah i just sluttering briefly behind the mcdonalds over there. dont worry, im fine
by dolphin_mother November 6, 2017
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company that puts another screen on a laptop and calls it innovation
did you hear about razers vr system and project cynthia? no? wouldnt blame you, they bragged about those a bunch but never made em
by dolphin_mother January 22, 2017
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Have you heard? Apparently Britney was arrested because she was guiming for Owen!
I thought nobody used bitcoin anymore!
by dolphin_mother January 22, 2017
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when a man inserts his penis into a tuna can and if his shaft touch the side and not the bottom then the man has a chode.
Man Sudhakar, you got a big dick. You should take the tuna can test homie.
by dolphin_mother April 17, 2017
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hey did you hear about that unicorn fish?
Narwhals? naw man. unidolphins.
by dolphin_mother January 22, 2017
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someone who identifies as a woman
1: did you see that super helpful definition of a woman?
2: hell yeah man, urban dictionary is the best
by dolphin_mother May 16, 2017
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