Noun. 1.a good friend, pal, or buddy..chummy.adj. to be friendly.
2.Shark bait composed of unwanted or useless fish parts. chummed; chummer; chumming; ect.
3.SLANG.Semen or sebum see also "smegma".
1.n."They are old chums"
adj."They are acting chummy"
2."I saw a chummer chumming with chum, he chummed all day"
3."Suck my chum!"
by Sullen January 25, 2004
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unwanted fish parts: guts fins and heads
sharks like fish chum
by flamedraguy May 26, 2003
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to chum, meaning hang out with, escort, keeping company. Scottish term.
"will you chum me to the station?"

"I'm chumming Peter to the music festival"
by english scot June 9, 2007
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To chum
v. The act of a woman ejaculating semen out of her vagina.
John: Oh shit, I'm cumming.
Jane: I'm chumming!
John: Huh?
by Boogie3D October 18, 2015
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Pronunciation: \ˈchəm\
Function: Verb

1. A female having her menstrual cycle in water.
While on a boating trip, Sara chummed the water to feed the whales.
by golof March 16, 2010
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chum is chunky cum.
Matt just blew a load of chum in my mouth and I swallowed it all!
by eda-skip December 10, 2021
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