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Noun. 1.a good friend, pal, or buddy..chummy.adj. to be friendly.
2.Shark bait composed of unwanted or useless fish parts. chummed; chummer; chumming; ect.
3.SLANG.Semen or sebum see also "smegma".
1.n."They are old chums"
adj."They are acting chummy"
2."I saw a chummer chumming with chum, he chummed all day"
3."Suck my chum!"
by Sullen January 25, 2004
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The short form of "chumleg," referring to the penis. As the penis is also usually its owner's best friend, the friendliness implied by "chum" makes the term that much more appropriate.
"I showed her my chum last night. She seemed impressed."

"Goddamn my chum is rashy... I hope I didn't catch anything."

"That fudgepacker tried to grab my chum in the showers after the game! What an asshole!"
by Gorshinspew September 17, 2011
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Used by Edinburghian's (people from Edinburgh, Scotland). It means to accompany someone somewhere.
William will you chum me up to my house? Meaning William will you accompany me up to my house?
by DylanJohnRitchie August 07, 2009
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to chum, meaning hang out with, escort, keeping company. Scottish term.
"will you chum me to the station?"

"I'm chumming Peter to the music festival"
by english scot June 09, 2007
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To entice strippers by selectively throwing out several dollars at a time in order to gain more attention.
Oh man I blew $300 at Jiggles last night.

WTF Pablo. Why didn't you just throw out some chum like I did? The chicks were all over me.
by aretegroup March 13, 2015
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