85 definitions by eda-skip

The Angel of Justice is the angel who brings justice to the worst criminal assholes in the world.
by eda-skip October 08, 2021
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chicken cum is the sweet splooge (semen) of young guys.
When I was younger, older guys were always after my chicken cum!
by eda-skip November 09, 2021
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a hot dicking is what several of the cadets in my pod give me when they're horny.
Some of my buddies take care of their morning wood by giving me a hot dicking!
by eda-skip October 04, 2021
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boy-teen smell is the body odor of young teen males.
Matt says he likes my boy-teen smell because it gives him an instant boner!
by eda-skip October 07, 2021
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A Bradley shower-gasm is the cumgasm a guy has when he's taking care of his morning wood while taking a shower.
Every morning there are a lot of other cadets in the cadet showers taking care of their boners by trying to have a Bradley shower-gasm!
by eda-skip October 05, 2021
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A cock-hound is a guy who likes to sniff other dude's cum-stained underwear.
Several cadets in my pod are cock-hounds and like sniffing other guys' whitie-tighties!
by eda-skip October 06, 2021
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butt-crack hair is hair that grows on most guys' ass-cracks.
I'm naturally smooth, so I don't have ANY butt-crack hair!
by eda-skip October 07, 2021
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