161 definitions by eda-skip

Je t'aime beaucoup means "I love you very much" in French.
Je t'aime beaucoup is what I tell my doggos tous les jours!
by eda-skip January 23, 2022
frum is the frothy cum that a guy has in his mouth after he's sucked a cumgasm out of another dude's dick and told to swish it around in his mouth and then show it to the dude he's just sucked off.
Matt wanted me to froth his cum after I sucked him off so he could see it, so I did and then showed the frum to him!
by eda-skip December 2, 2021
A Meisterbater is an expert at jerking off other guys.
Christian is an accomplished Meisterbater!
by eda-skip October 8, 2021
jants moi means "rim me" in French.
Matt always says "jants moi" when he wants me to stick my tongue up his asshole!
by eda-skip July 18, 2022
combobulated is the opposite of discombobulated.
I'm all right -- I'm combobulated now!
by eda-skip June 16, 2022
Squirt X 11 means for a guy to squirt cum 11 times when he has a cumgasm.
When I jerk off, I usually Squirt X 11!
by eda-skip January 1, 2022
dick-whacking is jerking off.
When I wake up I like to start my day with some dick-whacking!
by eda-skip October 18, 2021