the act of a blunt or joint burning faster on one side than the other.
Fix that blizzy because it's boating.
by Sir Moist July 11, 2008
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The act of physically beating someone with your penis.

If the target of the boating is seriously injured by the act or killed, boating should be displayed in bold or capital letters, or if spoken, it should be said with extra emphasis.
Having run out of ammunition, the soldier was forced to take his enemy boating.

Stanley was not known for his boating skills.
by chigger254 November 16, 2011
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funny word to say randomly.

definition: to go out on a boat and tool around randomly. you idiot, you don't know what boating means.

used to cause maximum distraction and confusion in the surrounding area. Throw it into your speech in random areas.

Can also be used as a greeting or salutation.
'hey whats up man, we're going to the club, you comin? hell ya, man, boating!'


(on meeting someone) nice to meet you, boating.

(on leaving a pal) see later bro, boating!
by Schoelman June 13, 2004
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As a female, coming over to the U.S. from the Middle East, and because you must technically stay a virgin, you only have anal sex.
She's boating because if she got pregnant, her parents would disown her.
by lvlylngst June 1, 2006
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Just saying it as it is, instead of forcively saying "hi" to people at the office, you simply say "Boating!" as you walk past them, which shows you acknowledge them as you walk past, yet you're too busy to stop & chat. It is also fun to say over the intercom.
"Boating!" -you
"Boating!" -coworker
by Brett Seeley June 27, 2004
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Being considered a male or female tennis player of endurance, character,
substance, gusto and verve - someone that can be depended on in moments of pressure in the high storms, a team player and one that could follow the
orders of the skipper no matter what.

To qualify to get "on the boat" you need to be nominated, rated and approved by Catherine Whitaker, David Law and Matt Roberts from the best tennis podcast in the world: The Tennis
Podcast - only then will Dad Whitaker consider your application.

Dad Whitaker has a boat and
he needs only the elite tennis players, hand picked, to be his crew to take on the turmoil oceans of the ATP and WTA.
by TheTennisWordsmith July 2, 2020
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Is a Norwegian ice cream thats shaped as an boat.

Is = ice cream.

It started on when people sent in pictures of "eg skal ha ein boat is". Meaning I want a boat ice cream.
by Shibiz December 25, 2011
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