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The act of physically beating someone with your penis.

If the target of the boating is seriously injured by the act or killed, boating should be displayed in bold or capital letters, or if spoken, it should be said with extra emphasis.
Having run out of ammunition, the soldier was forced to take his enemy boating.

Stanley was not known for his boating skills.
by chigger254 November 15, 2011
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A term used to tease friends who just started dating about sex.
Hey, you and her should go boating sometime!
by Cat-Satan November 10, 2010
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funny word to say randomly.

definition: to go out on a boat and tool around randomly. you idiot, you don't know what boating means.

used to cause maximum distraction and confusion in the surrounding area. Throw it into your speech in random areas.

Can also be used as a greeting or salutation.
'hey whats up man, we're going to the club, you comin? hell ya, man, boating!'


(on meeting someone) nice to meet you, boating.

(on leaving a pal) see later bro, boating!
by Schoelman June 13, 2004
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As a female, coming over to the U.S. from the Middle East, and because you must technically stay a virgin, you only have anal sex.
She's boating because if she got pregnant, her parents would disown her.
by lvlylngst June 01, 2006
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Just saying it as it is, instead of forcively saying "hi" to people at the office, you simply say "Boating!" as you walk past them, which shows you acknowledge them as you walk past, yet you're too busy to stop & chat. It is also fun to say over the intercom.
"Boating!" -you
"Boating!" -coworker
by Brett Seeley June 27, 2004
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1. The act of bring more force than what is needed to defeat the enemy, making a fair fight not so fair anymore.

2. A group of gamers in the act of killing any enemy whether he be alone, have friends or be level 10 or level 50.

This does not mean, 1v1, 3v3, 6v6, or any form of even/fair fight.

Boating would be a 1v1 only to have your enemy call for help from 2 others making it 1v3.

or minding your own business and 6 guys come out and destroy you.

It is believed to be derived from the word "Boatload".


The term Boating seems to originate on the Ariel server of Aion Online.

Similar to Zerging but unlike Zerging the force does not have to be a lot of low level / weak characters but any level, strong or weak.

Though boating is not against any rules(At least not in Aion) it is frowned up by many. It's fine to get a little mad when it happens to you but just remember, you would do it too.

Elyos: HELP

(Elyos's friends rush in to help him.)

Asmodian: SHIT! I just got boated bad! I'm pretty sure they brought a cruise ship in!

Asmodian #2: Yeah, Elyos were boating me all day in Heiron!
by Chaotic Cow July 05, 2010
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