menstruating, the monthly act of vaginal bleeding
Don't go swimming in the ocean when you're chumming.
by Spider420 September 15, 2005
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The act of dragging one's naked arse accross a floor using only one's arms to move forward. Much like a dog does when it has worms
I did a bit of chumming on Rick's floor last night, picked up a few splinters along the way.
by NB1 June 14, 2007
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when you are communicating with your friends on fortnite and you want to say you are coming but don’t want to sound homo.
Amir: HE’S ON ME, ON ME!
by HoodieMaz July 16, 2018
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(v) the act of sending out a mass text message to members of the opposite sex in the interest of determining your options. Text must be vague enough to apply to large groups but specific enough to elicit a response.
"Are you going out tonight?", Simon feverishly typed into his mobile chumming every woman he knew.
by TGDC November 25, 2007
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When you remove the bloody tampon of an unsuspecting female and twirl it around before tossing it into a crowd or moving car window.
That was quite a chumming when Leslie was on her period, and I chummed that bus of Japanese tourists at Bonaroo.
by May 6, 2009
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the act of having unprotected intercourse with a woman during her menstrual cycle, a.k.a. on the rag
man, i went chumming last night and woke up this morning crusted to my bedsheets.... looked like my penis was involved in stabbing something to death.
by The White Chocolate May 2, 2008
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Having sex, or any type of sexual relations with another person.
" Man I walked into my bed room, and found Becca and Stone chumming in my bed."
by xxkookie70 January 27, 2012
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