Leftover fecal after a partial toilet flush.
Fecal left in a toilet for the purpose of grossing out the next user, generally in a public facility or done due to lack of home training.
"That nasty bastard chummed the toilet"

"Nothing worse than walking into the bathroom and seeing toilet chum!"
by Joe Max May 22, 2010
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A close friend who occasionally makes you cum.
Q - What's going on with you and your bestie ?

A - We'll always be chums
by Long&Hard October 30, 2016
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An awesome friend. Someone you can make fun of without them pulling out your hair. Preferably someone who goes out of their way to fix your life. If you don't have a chum, your life friggin sucks.

P.S. chum is also dog food :P
"Make me an offer I can't refuse, chum."
"Lit, chum. Real lit."

You: "Ellie will never like me!"
Chum: "HEY ELLIE!"
You: "Wtf are you doing?!"
Chum: "Ellie, look into my eyes and tell me you don't like my friend."
Ellie: "Why would I do that?"
Chum: "'Cuz you can go out with him."
Ellie: "I'll think about it"
by Cade the Food King January 11, 2017
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A reference to the menstrual discharge that a woman emits during her period. AKA Period blood
I was fucking this girl when she was on the rag the other night and when I pulled my dick out, it was covered in that nasty whore's chum.
by MochaUGA September 07, 2006
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The best sketch performed by TVs Ant and Dec, back when SMTV live was still showing Saturday mornings on ITV. It was a parody of the hit american sitcom Friends to the extreme, poking fun at the show whenever possible, right down to the title music.
To be remembered.
"Wanna go watch chums?"
"Can't, those idiots down at ITV HQ cancelled it."
by Stanggman November 21, 2005
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verb. to vomit overboard where people are fishing. see also blow chunks toss nuggets
dont be too hungover on a fishin trip or we will have to put you in charge of chumming.
by dave4817 December 04, 2003
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