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Chuffer – (noun) One who could be described as being all talk and no action and in some cases the talk is merely a whisper.
I know that guy over there looks like he’s about to go postal, but he’s a real chuffer. He’ll probably just go home and cry like a bitch.
by M'ie January 13, 2006
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A person who either takes their stuff to the gym more often than they climb, someone who consistently and constantly gives BS beta, or tries to start a problem 2-3 grades above their level and never progresses
He's such a Chuffer
by ChossBawlzz January 16, 2017
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A human person who is unusually fat or overweight.
Awwww, mate - some chuffer just crushed my car by trying to slide over the bonnet!
by Been The Unseen July 03, 2004
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A chuffer is a climber who uses the word 'chuffer' in an ambiguously derogatory way towards other (usually stronger) climbers.
When asked the meaning of this word, the person who used it typically starts to use adjectives that describe him/herself.
I met him once while I was crushing his projects...
by LosBenitos June 24, 2010
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Someone of questionable intellect and ill of manners.
Mark Allan is a chuffer! Stop being a chuffer, Mark!
by Anonymous February 15, 2003
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