If you ever come across a Wan, keep them in your life. Wan comes from the Chinese word doorknob. Wan is usually shorter than WillNE but is usually as pretty as a buttercup. She give off a Mediterranean vibe which you simply cannot ignore. She was sent by the angels to bless your life. Never leave a Wan, you will regret it. Wan also means toaster in Irish. All Wan's are beautiful and unique and are always positive. They have meaningful eyes and are very special.
In Ireland; 'Have you seen me Wan? I need to make some Toast'
In the UK ; 'Wan is so pretty and stunning. She deserves the world!'
by TheRealKettle May 9, 2020
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Very pale, albino
Dude, Aviel why are you so damn wan!?!?!
by Dino Susan January 7, 2009
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Irish term for a female...
Generally preceeded by 'your' or 'young'...
Male version is 'man'...
Check out your wan over there...

Who do them young wans think they are?

Male: I was talking to your man last night about the car...
by Bitchiness September 24, 2008
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Comes from the Jamaican term ‘Gwan

This is a word that can be added to the end of another word to either shorten a sentence down or just to give a word more of a creative humour.

Example 1: ‘Goodwan’ could mean ‘Good one’

Example 2: ‘Chickwan’ could simply mean ‘Chicken’ or ‘Chicken for one’.

Note: ‘Wan’ has to be used correctly for it to make sense! Lol
Friend: “How did your driving test go mate?”
Me: “I had a goodwan, thanks mate”

Friend: “You has anything nice to eat today bro?”
Me: “Yeah bro I had some chickwan
by DJAMBAMAN February 14, 2019
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Word created by AJP.

Wan is a new word for cleaning something.

Wan and take photos of equipment which you have cleaned.

Before and after.

I love to WAN
I've just WANNED this

I'm gonna WAN tomorrow

I love to Wan
by TheRealist2020 January 23, 2020
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In Japanese, the sound that dogs make.
"Wan! Wan!"
by Anonymous June 11, 2003
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