A place used to be a great economic center with great people and great food is about to disappear because the Chinese government is wrongfully taking control over the place.--A mainlander
Glad I was able to visit Hong Kong before its fall.
by Epicness + Dankness July 18, 2020
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A prison made by the chinese government to lock up citizen and censor out all voices of their citizen.
Hong Kong is originally a good place but is destroyed by the chinese government now.
by bored hong kong student September 17, 2020
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An autonomous region which belongs to China as of now. Also called Hong Kong Special Autonomous Region of People's Republic of China, or Hong Kong, China.

Even if Hongkongers and mainland Chinese share same ethnicity, they are usually distinguished in large context. For example, Hongkongers are not ruled by Chinese Communist Party but have their own government separated from Beijing. Hongkongers may feel awkward if they are just referred to as 'Chinese' rather than 'Hong Kong Chinese' or 'Hongkongers'.
Majority of Urban Dictionary users support Hong Kong independence and Hong Kong being an independent country called Republic of Hong Kong.
by intrastella9999 May 8, 2016
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Located in China's South Coast of, Hong Kong is the gateway to the Pearl River Delta and overlooks the South China Sea. With one of the highest HDI in the world, Hong Kong is also one of the most modern, green and hi-tech city in China and also anywhere on the planet.

Returned to China in 1997 by the English Imperialist thugs after a century of exploitation and brutal occupation, Chinese people everywhere cheered at the riddance of the western invaders and at last Hong Kong was administered by Chinese people as a Special Administrative Region of China and not by some evil English monarchy dictatorship from the British Empire.

The life expectancy in Hong Kong is also the highest in the world with the age of the average Chinese woman living to 86.7 years.
What is the most modern and green city in China?
Answer: Hong Kong!

What is the life span of the average Chinese in Hong Kong?
Answer: 85 years!
by hk-all-day October 14, 2012
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Best city in the godam world my homeland lol
I love Hong Kong
by Ken May 30, 2004
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One of the wealthiest places on earth. We have our own legal, economic, and government system modeled after UK and is very different from the horrifying government they have in China. As a matter of fact, Hong Kong is one of most capitalistic place in the world. The People of Hong Kong preferred to be called Hong Konger or Hong Kongese because we do not want to nor need to share the notorious title of "Chinese" with them. For all those rednecks in America that thinks Hong Kong is under a communist system and share the same value of human right as China does, this is for you. I don't need to talk about the glamour of the Victoria Harbor because most educated people in the world are well aware of that. However, Hong Kong is indeed a very ghetto-ish place, like many big cities in the world, there are many slums in Hong Kong. The air is terrible in Hong Kong, thanks to our northern neighbor's industrialization. Many Mainlanders claim to dislike Hong Kong, yet many watch Hong Kong movies and listen to Hong Kong music, because the Mainland does not enjoy the high degree of cultural freedom as Hong Kong does. Hong Kong is a very green city, with 90% of the daily commute made by public transport. The Hong Kong culture is very different and unique, it is a mixture of western culture and Chinese culture, although some douche bags in Hong Kong are trying to make it feel all Chinese again just to please the Chinese. We got the best Chinese food here. People are terribly racist in Hong Kong, because over 90% of the population is ethnically Chinese, and there are always some Chinese rednecks in Hong Kong that think the foreigners are here because they want to take over Hong Kong. But most of the normal people here are still very foreigner-friendly and we would like to have different people from all over the world to add more diversity to our culture.
I love my homeland, Hong Kong!
by hongkongrocks February 14, 2009
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To tap a friend in the balls as you walk by -- as in a Hong Kong high-five. Casual passersby merely perform a tap; the more familiar you are with the other person, you add squeezes as necessary.
Person 1: Are you okay?
Person 2: Yeah, I just got Hong Kong'd by Toby.
Person 1: Fuckin' Toby.
Person 2: Didn't even squeeze.
by joisman February 20, 2018
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