A short shimme followed by a gentle moan, performed by a female after a particularly intense lip engagement. Females will not perform a "steam train" at the beginning of their menstrual cycle
"Yo bro, that encounter was so intense she steam trained like an elephant!"
"She didn't steam train last night, what did i do wrong?"
by Derrick Ohio February 25, 2021
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multiple people penetrating each other in a straight line similar to a train and then cumming inside of each other's anus's
Me and my friends just got done steam-training and it was great
by Jimbo_Jambo September 26, 2020
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What you have to board when you've bought too many games, and now you gotta to play them all.
Ross: Now we gotta play them all...

Both: Choo choo!

Arin: Stick 'em up, this is a robbery!
by NoahSmarts October 11, 2016
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While having a girl under the blankets, giving you your pleasure, get her all sweaty and steamy...before ejaculating yell out "TOO TOO" then push her head down and fart in her mouth and continue to ejaculating like a steam train blows smoke!!!
Dude One: Dude my balls hurt...
Dude Two: Why?
Dude One: Cause i give that girl a steam train!!!
Dude Two: WHAT...DAMN!!
by Jaike Burlison March 9, 2010
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move side to side with a sigh after a girl is turned on, usually by a kiss
"oh my what wonderful mouth you have!" *steam trains hard*
by darren 5mith March 5, 2021
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What girls do after a good pull. A small shake and moan.
Guess what I kissed a girl yesterday!”
“Did she steam train?”
“Of course she did”
by alex1056 February 25, 2021
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