Definition (1) Part of speech: Verb
to relax, to calm down, to just let things happen as they should. Chude is derived from the combination of two words, chill and dude.

Definition (2) Part of speech: Noun
an endearing term used to represent a friend, typically male.

Definition (3) Part of speech: Adjective
a term used in conjunction with a noun to portray that noun in a positive light.
(1) "Why are you so rude? You need to chude."

(1) "I'm so exhausted. I need to just sit here and chude."

(2) "Thanks for being such a good chude."

(2) "That guy sucks, he's definitely not a chude."

(3) "I'm hungry. Let's go have a chude lunch."

(3) "Things are going great. I'm living the chude life."
by siegs April 09, 2009
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A chude is a chick that looks like a dude. See also {shim}
"Oh my god, that is the most gnarly chude I've ever seen!" said Billy.
by BC June 02, 2003
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a feminine chic with very prominent dude qualities and or actions
"You got lucky to find a fine chic that acts like a dude. That chic's a chude!"
by ascendinglady August 15, 2011
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An androgynous person.
Someone who could be either a chick or a dude.
Wait, is that a man or a woman?

I don't know, a chude.
by A.t.A. August 17, 2010
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2.casuing more discomfort than pleasure
3.used up, or damaged past desirable use.
(1. or 2.)That party we went to last night in Albuquerque without electricity was chude.

(3.,1.) Brah, there is no fuckin way im going to rent these chude skiis from this chude shop.
by Dreeks August 26, 2005
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A dude who acts like a chick
Guy (to girl) - Your eyes are of a pleasent shade of majorelle blue tonight. They remind me of my new prada man bag.
Girl (to guy) - You're totally acting like a chude right now.
by Chill Nigga August 23, 2008
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1) n. A man pretending to be a woman. The conjunction of chic and dude the result of which is a chic-dude or chude. Literally a man-woman.

2) v. prog. The act or process of partnering with a man-woman.
There's this bar downtown that's loaded with chudes.

I'm only a few sakes in and I'm chudin' up already!

by FlyingShark May 21, 2007
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