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(N.) CCB - "Cracker Chasing Bitch"
An acronym used to designate those women (usually of the asian persuasion) who prefer to choose caucasian males and/or females as sexual/relationship partners.
Daaaamn fool, look at them gold-diggin' ccb's, all up on that cracka's nuts like cheese on pizza.
by BC July 20, 2004

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Tee shirt of the color white. In urban areas, usually worn by thugs in an xl or larger size.
Yo, I got beer on my white tee!
by BC December 08, 2003

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noun. Sucking of the penis. Called "Georgia dome" by southerners to indicate a prostitute from the south to have sucked one's penis.
Damn yo, that hoe last night gave me mad Georgia dome!
by BC December 08, 2003

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The act of defecating onto any clean surface, and then returning the feces back into the bowels. Then, the act of shitting it back out. Can be repeated as necessary.
Today, I shit in class, and had to use fecal bifeciation to hide the evidence.
by BC September 03, 2003

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A chude is a chick that looks like a dude. See also {shim}
"Oh my god, that is the most gnarly chude I've ever seen!" said Billy.
by BC June 02, 2003

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Beautiful young man with a bellowing laugh. Fixing people's mistakes occupies most of his time. Enjoys fine drinks such as Hennessey and often dances dirrtyy. The epitome of filthiness.
After a nice and clean week at work, I pulled a Kober on some unsuspecting cougars.
by BC February 23, 2005

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Urban expession of a series of guns.
a.k.a. heat
"We don' go nowhere without toast, we thugged out." 50 Cent Wanksta
by BC December 08, 2003

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