In chinese-english(Chinglish) slang, it ususally describes a guy who is very smart and genious. Also, if a guy is very nice to others. It could be said as very chuanly, or chuanlike.
You are just as good as chuan.
I think John is a good boy, chuanly and handsome.
by Richard Apell March 24, 2008
This is a originally a Chinese word that means to wear clothes.

This means the outfit you be rocking or style of clothing.

Swag, Drip, Dab.
"Yo bruh that's a dope chuan"(outfit).

Or tonight there's a party, what are you chuannin'? (Wearing)
by Africvn February 28, 2018
A racial slur used towards Asian people who typically work at hospitals. Chuans are sexy and very good at licking.
Qi: Hey I visited a Chuan yesterday

Xian: Oh really, I am so turned on!
by Chuan Phing Tang September 16, 2019
moody brooding dark muscular handsome d00d! l33t! pwnt!
Mikhail u trash, u can never beat chuan xin. at. anything.
by doomzslayer June 7, 2006
Poh Chuan is a sweet guy who may cone of as cold due to his shyness at first . You know he is your best bro who you can count on in hard times . A caring friend who provides a shoulder to cry on and a loyal person who will keep your secrets like his own . When he trust you he will trust you completely so don’t break his heart . A guy who have all the knowledge in his head .
Friend : is that Poh Chuan

Fan girl : Omg yeah man he is so cool
by K92000 March 20, 2020
Popular Singaporean slang, believed to have been derived from the words for "curly hair" from the Mandarin dialect Hokkien. Although its literal meaning is "curly hair", there are many other usages of this term, which are accepted and used by most people. Below are some common usages of the words "Chuan Xin"

"Chuan Xin" is used to refer to one who

- Sports a curly hairdo

- Squanders his time in the clubs dancing and drinking

- De-stresses by performing potentially deadly stunts, such as breakdance moves

- or by insulting people (usually foreigners or strangers) with flippant words

- Experiences frequent mood swings. Loving you one moment, hating you the next

- Thinks that he/she looks ugly, especially in terms of musculature, thus he splurges on protein shakes and gym memberships. Contrary to what they may think, many Chuan Xins are actually rather muscular and good looking

- Is a gangster wannabe. They memorize gang songs and chants to intimidate others, to mixed results.

All names used are made up.

- Joe: "Nice fro, Chuan Xin."

- Meg: "Dont be a Chuan Xin. The clubs are dangerous you know, full of muggers, dressed in brown jackets and blue caps. They are hardly noticeable, but when they take your bling bling its gonna be too late!"

- Peter: "Watch my tower freeze!"
Hans: "What, are you tryna be a Chuan Xin?"

- Dooms (to foreigner): "YOW BABY!"
Foreigner: "What a Chuan Xin you are!"

- Lee: "Why, Eugene, you're looking good today!"
Eugene: "Thanks for the compliment Lee."
Lee: "Imma kill you cheebye! Go and die."
Eugene: "Aw c'mon. Don't be a Chuan Xin."

- Jason: "I'm too skinny."
Kate: "You are just being a Chuan Xin."

- Mike: "Yeah! Yeah! Fury Hounds (gang)! We're unbeatable. Hey sucka, what you looking at, wanna get beat up?"
Tina: "OMG a gangster. Lets get the hell outta here."
Michelle: "No worries, its just a Chuan Xin."
by somnambulist_eleven June 21, 2006
A dentist that lies about going to Napa Valley but instead, ends up in Vegas.
Jia Jin: I told my wife I went for coffee but here I am, drinking beer with you guys.

Beh: Damn, you just did a Hock Chuan.
by Homomo November 9, 2010