A SoCal term that was popular in the 80's-90's. The Valley is short for the region comprising the San Fernando Valley.

A way of speaking, consistently using the words: like, totally, dude, dudette.
Hey dude are you from the valley?

I'm totally from the valley.
by joyjoy617 April 10, 2007
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A last name of warriors. Valleys have been warrior since time began and will continue to be so. The toughest people you will ever meet. They are made to be fighters and are loyal. Will do anything without questions.
by Walking apocalypse April 3, 2020
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The opposite of "peak." People use the word peak for something bad, when peak actually means pinnacle or the top. Valley would stand for low point.
Becky: My boyfriend just left me.
Me: That's so valley
by CJW3 May 30, 2019
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The Valley (Fortitude Valley) in inner-city Brisbane contains a high percentage of Brisbanes clubs and pubs, homeless persons and drug scene. Particularly on Friday and Saturday nights, the Valley is populated with clubbers both young and old, either hitting the piss or possibly more illicit drugs in the hard dance clubs. During the day, the Valley is home to most of Brisbanes homeless population, busling with life in its multitude of boutique clothing stores and chinese food shops.
Trent thought he could gain access to a Valley club early sunday morning. In his intoxicated state howerver, he was unfortunately beaten and subsequently rolled by a bouncer who took his money and his dignity.
by omg i am wtf uber November 2, 2006
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An extremely stupid, dense, slow, close minded person with no handle on reality or the basics of human interaction.
George Bush is so valley, its no wonder everyone hate America.
by htaedfororreteht September 4, 2007
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Area between the Malahat and Langford, in Victoria, BC, Canada. The area has a bylawy that prohibits giraffes. Home to the 2004 World Series of Poker Main Event Ladies Champion
The malahat is high, Langford is busy, so I love living in the valley.
by Taylor Holmwood February 2, 2007
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A response similar to dope or radical. To show excitement in response to what someone just told you.
Clay: Just scooped up a sweet deal on a new computer monitor on prime day.

Blake: Bro, that's valley as fuck.
by Balahkay October 16, 2020
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