Mikhail is very hot , he gets jealous easily and he does love to play around with his pals sometimes very violent. Most girl will fall for him.
1)he will grow really tall and really hot
2)very shy but when u get to know him better , he is a bad ass
3)he can be your best pal
by Adlyna433_ December 25, 2016
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A name given to a highly respected person
Is that Mikhail
by joshua pillia April 29, 2010
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Mikhail is the type of guy who has really deep feelings, but never shows it, he always acts gay, like he wants to date a guy, but truly he is straight. He is the type of guy to make you laugh even if you hate him. He is a smart talker, and an intelligent being, he will always make you feel better no sad days. But also always, every day annoy you.
Mikhail is so funny, but sometimes I just can't stand him.
by Nice and Honest December 9, 2021
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the embodiment of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.
watching a mikhail is like watching a lit candel in a microwave. try it out and youll get it
by slave six July 18, 2008
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(Noun: a Mikhail or the Mikhail) Someone who, rather than lying on a lawn chair, would dig a hole in the ground, jump in it, burry himself, dig himself back out and use the pile of earth to build a life-sized sculpture of himself.
Why did Tom show up to the party with wet clothes? He pulled a Mikhail and swam here from up-upriver.
by hsama February 7, 2010
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A wonderful, smart and nice person. An overall perfect human being.
My sister is such a Mikhail! <3
by mikhelle April 14, 2009
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(Verb) To subscribe to and practice the geometry that the best distance between two points is the most exciting.
He Mikhailed into the room. (Instead of entering through the open door, he scaled the side of the house, allyooped over the roof, tumbled into the lawn and front-flipped through the window.)
by hsama February 7, 2010
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