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A Hokkien (Chinese Dialect) term for Vagina, Cunt, Pussy etc
Man that dude can be such a cheebye without even trying
by bigtokes2003 August 14, 2003
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to mention someone's cunt or to swear someone or something u hate. Usually used by asians residing in Singapore.
Chee bye, was da fuck r u talkin' about?
by asiandelight June 09, 2003
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also mean virgina in hokkien language
when someone is angry he swears: "kan lin lao bu eh chao chee bye!" - fuck your mother's smelly pussy/cunt
by Titney November 21, 2004
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Refers to the female vagina or pussy. (noun; adjective)

Hokkein (Chinese dialect) origin
i.e. noun - He is such a cheebye

i.e. adjective - "Cheebye, Tom better get your work done properly!" Dick cursed."
by kukujiao November 20, 2009
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a hokkien (one of the many chinese dialects) term often used to express that something or someone is an extreme degree of damned.

also a vulgar version of a vagina, often used by hooligans (beng; lian) in a conversation.
ah lian: that mr pleasemeh damn cheebye sia!
ah beng: why?!
ah lian: he touch my cheebye lor!
ah beng: WAH! CHEEBYE!!!
by flameshot May 10, 2005
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