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A Hokkien (Chinese Dialect) term for Vagina, Cunt, Pussy etc
Man that dude can be such a cheebye without even trying
by bigtokes2003 August 14, 2003
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Used in areas where the Chinese dialect of Hokkien is spoken, and also in Taiwan as part of their Min Nan dialect.
The two-word Chinese phrase literally means 'vagina', and is commonly regarded as both derogatory and vulgar. It can be used as part of an English sentence in parts of Malaysia and Singapore.
"Chee Bye! I missed the freaking bus again!" (Here it is used mainly as a swear word to express frustration.)

"That chee bye took my cigarettes without asking." (Here it is used as a noun to describe a person whom you are trying to degrade. Similar to calling that person an 'asshole' or 'jerk'. )

"Hey chee bye! Long time no see!" (Similar to above, but used between friends in a casual manner. Much like "Hey dickhead! Where have you been?")

"Kan Nina Bu Chow Chee Bye! You want to pick a fight?" (Here it is used as part of a popular vulgarity which literally translates to 'screw your mother's stinking vagina'. This is a traditional vulgarity. Be careful as its usage is very provocative, and usually some heated argument will follow.)
by Dr Chee Bye April 30, 2010
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to mention someone's cunt or to swear someone or something u hate. Usually used by asians residing in Singapore.
Chee bye, was da fuck r u talkin' about?
by asiandelight June 09, 2003
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also mean virgina in hokkien language
when someone is angry he swears: "kan lin lao bu eh chao chee bye!" - fuck your mother's smelly pussy/cunt
by Titney November 21, 2004
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Refers to the female vagina or pussy. (noun; adjective)

Hokkein (Chinese dialect) origin
i.e. noun - He is such a cheebye

i.e. adjective - "Cheebye, Tom better get your work done properly!" Dick cursed."
by kukujiao November 20, 2009
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a hokkien (one of the many chinese dialects) term often used to express that something or someone is an extreme degree of damned.

also a vulgar version of a vagina, often used by hooligans (beng; lian) in a conversation.
ah lian: that mr pleasemeh damn cheebye sia!
ah beng: why?!
ah lian: he touch my cheebye lor!
ah beng: WAH! CHEEBYE!!!
by flameshot May 10, 2005
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To insult like a professional *beng or *lian.
It's the meaning of insulting a female's private area.

note * beng n * lian refers to a typical asian ganster in singapore.
Ah seng: HEy..where are you?''
Ah beng: WTF?! '' CHEE BYE'' Can't you wait?!
by Arsonist's mist May 10, 2005
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