Fear is an emotion which is mostly triggered by the release of hormones or neurotransmitters like adrenaline and noradrenaline.

The reason fear exists is mainly evolutionary for self-preservation. Feeling scared in dangerous situations keeps you alive.

Social anxiety is a commonly occuring phenomenon in our postmodern society. The pathological shyness discourages many people from showing their whole potential in front of other people in school, at work or in general social situations.

It does not provide you any help to survive and it most likely prevents you from being happy.

If you know people who might be affected by Social Society Disorder, please do not mistake their introversion for arrogance and try to comprehend their behaviour. Do not stop inviting them to social situations and give them time to warm up.
You: Can I bring Chris along to the BBQ?
Your friend: Why? He never says a word- are you sure he even enjoys hanging out with us?
You: He certainly does. Chris is simply shy and needs some time to warm up to people.
Your friend: Shyness, huh? Oh, and I thought he disliked us. Well then, bring beer as well.
by Hopefully Anonymous August 22, 2014
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The fear or awkwardness of interacting with other people, a natural state of mind among many people.

No longer valid: Modern terms for this are Avoidant personality disorder and Social anxiety disorder. See also Asperger Syndrome, and consult a doctor for a prescription if you have any reason to believe that you may suffer from these.
Because of her shyness, poor Jenny felt a little awkward around her classmates. But instead of spending time with her, encouraging her to sign up for some clubs, or setting up playdates, her parents took her to the doctor, where she was diagnosed with numerous mental disorders, and given pills to cure them.
by generic-name January 15, 2012
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A medical term; "Anal Shyness" occurs when a person is reluctant to engage in anal sex for fear of hurting or overwhelming their ass. Most commonly found among stubborn females and flaming men who are gay, but haven't engaged in anal sex, due to their anal shyness.
Joe Pa has "Anal Shyness".
by Don Aarontino May 8, 2007
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defined as the abnormal, out-of-character, timid behavior exhibited by students online in which they seem to fear speaking

a term coined by Dr. Mark Tarpley on November 20, 2020 while observing the behavior of his students as they switched to online Zoom schooling due to the coronavirus

“digital shyness of digital natives” - DSDN
Today’s virtual class time was not very interactive and productive, due to the digital shyness my students displayed.
by cheyennnee November 20, 2020
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Pee shyness is when someone cannot pee with others in the immediate area. This is common in women, who commonly go to the bathroom in herds. Sometimes this is relieved by everyone in the immediate vicinity turning their backs to the person on the "throne", running water, or making other distracting noises.
Char asked all the girls in the bathroom to make noise because she had pee shyness.
by sweetontweety7777 February 24, 2011
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A mild psychiatric condition in which a person avoids all things manga or anime. Other symptoms may include blindness to Japanese art, hatred towards Wapanese, and/or thinking all manga/anime is the same. Usually this condition affects those who haven't read manga or watched anime, and therapy for this condition may consist of exposure to manga or anime targeted to said person's age and gender group in moderation.
Dude, I had manga shyness, that is until I saw "Ghost in the Shell" on TV one night. It totally blew my mind.
by gdub504 May 15, 2015
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