The proper response to the question "can I ask you a question?"
Dumbass: "Can I ask you a question?"
Smartass: "You just did."
by That One Guy (No, Really) October 24, 2007
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This saying comes from ancient monks just before going out to slaughter some insolent people. Before the monks would leave they would say "be right back" in such a way it would imply they would be back in a few minutes but in actual fact they would be out for hours.
12:58 - Ancient Monk: gonna brb
12:58 - Ancient Ninja: kk
Ancient Monk is now Offline.
Ancient Monk is now Online.
21:40 - Ancient Ninja: Welcome back?
21:40 - Ancient Monk: Aye
21:40 - Ancient Monk: ;D
21:40 - Ancient Ninja: You just did a Foxhound
by Ancient Ninja August 21, 2010
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If someone has done something really skillful or dominated you in some way, a third party can say to you, "you just got Angela did!"
"Dude, bro, you just got Angela did"
"You got Angela did so badly!"
"Well you just got Angela did"
by the snake 07078 December 28, 2011
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