adjective to describe your outfit similar to swag, sauce, steez, swank
dripmane - "mane my outfit is dripping right now"

friend - "your outfit wet asf"
by splashtonkutcher October 9, 2018
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When your bling is iced out but that shit melting from all your hot bars, you got the drip.

Just another word for immense swag.
Guy 1:"Yo, that new rapper got the drip."
Guy 2: "For real yo, he drippin."
by E.,Rizzy April 6, 2017
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Hello?! This is the URBAN dictionary, not Oxford English Lol. A drip is a cool and stylish outfit! Real simple.
Player 1: yo, peep my drip.

Player 2 : ... it’s aiight.
by Getemcatchem April 29, 2020
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An adjective used to describe something cool; similar to the word Swag
by Lildatyway May 28, 2019
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A word used by people from Kincardine,Scotland as an insult.
"Your a fuking drip like!", "There is a big rain cloud over your town and your the biggest drip of them all."
by Adair105 October 18, 2006
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1. My homie got that drip.

2. The drip factory shirt is a worthwhile purchase.
by Drip Factory May 15, 2019
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Drip means gormless, dopey, stupid, it is used in the same context as "retard". It started in England UK and has been used as an insult for decades.
Recently people have been using the word drip to describe nice look materialistic items, decor such as jewellery and cars etc but it's actually an offensive because drip has been used to insult those with very low intelligence and lack of common sense on an extreme level.
Person 1: "Can you open the gate please"
Person 2: "Okay" *locks the gate*
Person 1: "I said open it, you drip"
Person 2: *Looks blankly and tries to open the gate but struggles*
Person 1: *Watches person 2 trying to pull open the locked gate* "You're the biggest drip I've ever met"
by Elfoxity March 27, 2019
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