Stoned, very stoned. Derivative from the "Cheech and Chong" movie series. I didnt understand these movies, i was too young and had never smoked pot. Then when i did smoke it i forgot to got one of their movies out to see if it was funny when you were chonged.
The police now have new equipment so they can tell if you are chonged.
by jamesbrown April 23, 2003
Chonged - shitfaced, aired, fucked up, screwed, stoned, high, ditzy, fuzzed.
One of my mates came into work/school today totally chonged
by Shadow April 25, 2005
Primarilly used to describe a state of intoxication induced by cannabis (stoned) but can also be used to describe anyone under the influence of any illicit drug.
Christ, me and Tim were chonged big time last night.
by Adam October 9, 2005
SO stoned eating the munchies is diffircult
lying on a bed unable to eat any food
by Chonger donga April 20, 2005
Similar to "chiefed"::A room or vehicle filled with smoke, usually marijuana.
"My car is too chonged to see the buttons on the CD player."
by j-dog April 22, 2003
high, so high that you look asian.
Dave and billy smoked a zoot today, there SO chonged
by the word teller June 13, 2019