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A phrase which Carlos Mencia on "Mind of Mencia" uses to point out that a comment is obvious, or stupid.
"Dude! You're so annoying!"
"Thats cause he's British."
by j-dog June 15, 2006
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A phrase used to make fun of someone after they have done something stupid. Also, a disease similar to mental retardation. Many people who have down syndrome have competed in the Special Olympics.
What the hell is your problem! Are you down syndrome or something?
by j-dog April 09, 2005
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A woman who is misleadingly attractive. Often times, from forty feet away a girl will look attractive, but from up close, shes looks like the nasty.
"Whoa. That girl forty feet away looks amazing. Wait a second, she is a beast. Shes just a forty footer."
by j-dog April 25, 2005
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(a) Roy Munson from the movie Kingpin.
(b) A person that is a little bit bigger, a little bit tougher, and a little bit grungier than the average man.
"Roy Munson, a manchild."
"That guy is just a manchild. His arms must be bigger than my legs."
by j-dog April 25, 2005
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One who has fecalphelia or an obsession watching someone deficate upon a glass coffee table while lying underneath and stroking their meat or rubbing their clitoris. Generally found in German Scheitza videos.
By typing in scat in Kazaa, you can usually find some pretty good log watcher movies.
by j-dog August 21, 2003
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Nerm a term coined for an man whos name is norman.Whom everyone enjoys.Also can be used as afiller word in coversation.Also can be used as a negative.
You damn nerm! Get of that hooker!
by j-dog October 10, 2003
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