49 definitions by jamesbrown

1. A weird white blob of a thing that was a cartoon in the 70's and 80's
2. fanny, pussy, use in conjuntion with a tockley, knob or even another schmoo.
Man that girls didnt have any undies on, she knew i could see and she showed me her schmoo!
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
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blind mullet,turd, grogan, nebraska,boree,shit.
Of the free floating variety, found when you go swimming at Bondibeach, Sydney,Australia. The government thought it would be a good idea to pump sewage out to sea, they have sort of fixed it by now pumping it out further, but in a rough sea you may still meet the bondi cigar.
My mate went swimming at bondi beach, and a bondi cigar touched him.
by jamesbrown April 24, 2003
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one who crawls or sucks up to another. or person with arse sniffing fetish
I always knew Marc was a dot sniffer.
Look at that dot sniffer in action, he has no shame.
by jamesbrown April 21, 2003
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Cigarette, Australian saying, commonly used in Queensland, sometimes not understood in other parts of Australia.
Hey bloke, can I scab a durrie of you?
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
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The most north-eastern state of Australia. Pretty women, even better looking backpackers. 100's of beutiful sunny islands including straddie (Stradbroke)
Captial city Brisbane (also known as brisvegas), home of XXXX beer, also the home of the bevan.
Known by the other states as the "different" state. Queenslanders don't take shit!
Stay out of the sun in Queensland, you'll get a bad farkin sunburn!
by jamesbrown April 23, 2003
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English for a load of nonsense.
But a bisexual girlfriend of mine once told me of an encounter invloving about 15 girls where there was a pile of pants in one corner. I like the second definition much better.
1. The US will let the iraqis elect their own government?, what a pile of pants!.
2. The room was full of lesbians, and in one corner there was a pile of pants.
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
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Australian saying, meaning "shout" drinks. To buy the round of drinks. You can shout a mate anything you like, as long as you have the money!. Works on a reciprocal system, unless your mates are tightarses
I'll shout the drinks tonight mate
by jamesbrown April 22, 2003
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