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what to say to someone when you are annoyed by their good fortune
Bill: Good news! I just got another pay rise!
Owen: Choke on it!
by yorrick hunt January 18, 2008
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I have read a couple crazy definitions of this phrase, but my father - David H. Stocky - Used it to say it when people were really greedy - like cheated him, or tried to get on over on him, and it wasn't worth pummeling them, he would say "Choke on it" to mean that he hoped their greed and unscrupulous behavior came back to them.
Suzy stole my last cookie again, she can choke on it.
by Old School Amy January 29, 2012
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Live with the results or consequences of your actions since I have warned you of the outcome.
fan-Hey Jerry Jones you need to hire a general manager or your team will keep losing.

Jerry- I am not going to hire a gm I am doing great job.

fan-Choke on it. (lmao)
by mandengho October 20, 2012
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