(Adj.) A term used to describe the physical, mental or other type of condition that a person has been diagnosed with.
"Johnny is a person who happens to be disabled."
by Johnny2step May 8, 2006
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(n.) (pl.=disableds) An offensive term for any disabled person, a mong.
"We shoudln't call them mongs. They are disableds" chuckled Baz.
by anycon June 24, 2003
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A person who has a physical or mental impairment in which the physically built environment or social enviroment makes the person disabled. It puts them at a disadvantage. If the environment was moulded to their needs, then it would not be much of a disability because they would be able to continue life without much hindrance. Of course other minor things can be a hindrance but other people who don't have any specific impairment have the same things e.g. back pain, periods...sometimes the impairment may make those normals things a little more hard to deal with. Just a little.
Sam is a disabled person.

The enviroment makes Sam a disabled person.
by ScottishAnarchist August 30, 2007
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Having the ability to be disabled.
The new feature on the website was made to be disableable.
by Lovell Jones September 8, 2006
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A defect usually. Disabilities disable someone from doing everything a person without disabilities can do. They range from Paralyzation, Down Syndrome, Autism, ADD, and many, many more. Not all disabilities are birth defects, one can be injured in an event and be disabled from then on or until cured.
Ted: Man, this damn truck hit me and now I can't walk for a while.
Bob: Well I can't ever walk, so fuck you.
by Oz January 30, 2005
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