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a straight up, easy going, dont give a fuck about what you think type a person.
"when that horse (life) bucks you off, you gotta get your ass up and ride on"
by skr0oface June 17, 2004

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Has little or nothing to do with anticipated results. It's not limited to sports or competition. You can choke on an assignment for work, choke in an attempt to seduce a crush of yours. Jordan missing a free throw. You can choke anywhere, anytime.
Choking is when you had control, and failed to execute.

What happens is you are suppose to be focused on what your eyes are viewing. But your weak mind chooses to worry about something negative whether real or not, past or future.

It's bigger than that
Michael Jordan would be considered one of the most clutch professional sports players of all time.
Only you know when you choke. Its a distinct feeling. Choking doesn't give a crap about expectations.
by skr0oface August 16, 2010

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A Ciggarette laced with cocaine. Normally the end of a smoke is dipped in the remains of the nights product.
who wanna play Russian Roulette for the butt tokes?
by skr0oface April 04, 2005

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Do the math muhfukka
"yo she is obviously lookin to hook up na'mean" -sideshow
"yah clearly.. dtmm" -baller kid
by skr0oface August 18, 2006

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To beat someone severley or to kill them.
"You better watch your mouth or you gonna get flushed."
"Yah i'm gunna flush his ass like the peice of shit that he is.."
by skr0oface April 23, 2004

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Used to describe something in a positive manner.
Can be used in place of words like cool dope gangsta trill etc.
"That shit was so Illegal!"
"Whenever me and buddy chill it gets so illegal"
by skr0oface December 20, 2008

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