Banquet is the term used by federal way high school students located in federal way Washington to describe the act of having sexual intercourse with a male/female partners.
To take part of her banquet, eating the banquet, best banquet I ever had, my banquet is reserved for VIP only, His banquet sucked. ect.
by Steven Tsukamoto May 11, 2011
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Banquets is full of rich wanna be hoes. Un loyal bitches and skanks. Worse than robstown ova in banquete. The town is smaller than my penis and no one knows where Tf its at on a map. Anyways the fist of this word is that Banquete=Hoe!
anyone will suck your dick in Banquete
by Chiken noodels November 6, 2018
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Someone with whom you have a one-night stand.
"Are you going to see him again?"
"Nah, he's a banquet (bang-quit)."
by terrahdez April 4, 2018
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One of Bloc Party's first hit songs that helped them become famous.
Whoa man did you listen to Banquet when you were blazed last night??? Hell yah dude it was freaking amazing
by Aliens October 13, 2007
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A shitty pre-made meal served to hundreds of hapless guests by dozens of hapless servers. Usually features chicken cordon bleu.

Not a meal you wanted.
Guest 1: Hey what's for dinner after the wedding?

Guest 2: It's a hotel banquet!

Guest 1: shitty chicken cordon bleu?

Guest 2: Yep!
by We know it really is broken October 4, 2013
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Oh mate, that's a Brexit Banquet!
by JoylessWonder October 21, 2021
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An award ceremony recognising athletes for their athletic achievements
Michelle: I wish we had an athletic banquet this year! You would've won ALL the MVP awards!
Rachel: Not all of them, only Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, and Golf
by alla gomma June 4, 2020
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